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❓ GrowthList is a collection of curated growth tactics.

🗓 Launch date : November 2018

💰 Price : $89 (One-time payment)

💸 Current revenue :  $7,214 for 220 users (Source)

📈 Acquisition channels used : Product Hunt, Twitter

🌎 Website 


Acquisition channels

Best channels

90% of GrowthList’s referral traffic comes from Product Hunt & Twitter, and the website gets around 1000 monthly visits (Source

Antoine, GrowthList’s founder says in his blog that “Product Hunt is a key part of my launch strategy. I would even say that Product Hunt IS my launch strategy.”

Let’s see how he makes Product Hunt work : 

1 – GrowthList was first launched on Product Hunt in November 2018, with great results :

  • the product got 1134 upvotes
  • it got 7341 website visits
  • it hit 2nd place for the day and 3rd place for the week
  • he gained 500 followers on his personal Twitter account

Antoine attributes this success to the fact that growth hacks were all the rage back then, so the Product Hunt community was bound to be interested by an entire website full of growth tips and tricks…

What’s interesting here is how he turned this traffic spike into a real audience by : 

  • Making users enter their email address to read the tactics 
  • Creating a Slack community 

A month after the launch, he had a email list with 2394 newsletter subscribers & 345 members in his Slack community (Source)

2 – Last November, 2 years after the first launch, he rebuilt the website and re-launched Growth List 2.0 on Product Hunt, as a paid product this time.

It ended up being product of the day with more than 700 upvotes and it got him 39 paying users for Growth List. 

⭐ Takeaways from GrowthList’s two successful launches :

  • For his first launch, he didn’t have an existing audience, but the product he launched was “trendy”, so it helped him get the attention of the Product Hunt community and build a qualified email list.
  • For his 2nd launch, he had an engaged audience on Twitter, on his mailing list & on the GrowthList’s Slack community that he could reach out to for support. This is key, because according to Antoine, the goal is to get out the newest section ASAP by getting your first upvotes quickly. Once you’re out of “newest”, and you’re in the popular section with all the cool kids, it’s not up to you anymore, and you have to let virality do its job.
    • If you don’t have a big audience, launching on a holiday can be a good idea, as it means that there will be less competition. GrowthList 2.0 was launched on Thanksgiving by mistake, and it ended up being the Product of the Day and the Product of the Week. 

I know that you’re probably tired of hearing about “building in public”, but it’s what Antoine did for GrowthList. 

This clearly paid off, as even if he didn’t actively work on the project for almost 2 years, he still had an engaged audience interested in the product for the 2nd launch.

Other channels

Even if SEO is not a key part of GrowthList acquisition strategy, it’s worth noting that the site structure is very SEO friendly, as every tactic & tool as a dedicated page that is indexed by Google and can drive organic traffic.

According to Spyfu, here’s the website best performing SEO pages : 


GrowthList was also mentioned in some French tech publications like Siècle Digital (Domain Authority : 75) or Le Blog du Modérateur (DA : 79).

❤ What I like

  • I always thought that Product Hunt was great to get eyeballs on your products, but that it’s not really a sustainable way to get actual conversions. GrowthList’s story shows that it’s not necessarily true, and that you can plan your launches to make the most of the sudden attention PH provides.
  • We all have only 24 hours in the day, and finding the time to create products when you already have a job is hard. Antoine uses his time very efficiently by :
    • Building products in the same field (marketing) 
    • Drawing inspiration from what he’s doing at work to create his side projects