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❓ Mailbrew is a service that allows its users to receive automated email digests from Twitter, Reddit, YouTube & more.

🗓 Launch date : November 2019

💰 Price : $8/ month

💸 Current revenue : $8,451MRR for 950 subscribers (Source)

📈 Acquisition channels used : Side-project marketing, Word of mouth…

🌎 Website 


Acquisition channels

Word of mouth is the main way most products get the bulk of their clients, so no surprise here…

What’s interesting there is that they purposelly reached out to some influential people in tech, and that some of those users ended up giving them very valuable public shoutouts ! 

(This tweet brought them 1.4k visits on the site & 400 new sign-ups – Source)

I think that the Mailbrew team nailed side-project marketing with Typefully, their “distraction-free editor for Twitter” :

  • Mailbrew’s goal is to help people consume information on the internet more mindfully
  • Typefully’s goal is to help people use Twitter more mindfully

 Match made in heaven !


4 launches :

  • March 2020 : Presentation of the product
  • July 2020 : Inbox feature (Bundle your newsletters in a single email digest)
  • September 2020 : Read later feature (save links to read later)
  • December 2020 : launch for Typefully, their side-project (this is the launch with the most upvotes)

Mailbrew users can make their brews public : it’s just like a newsletter that even people who don’t use Mailbrew can receive.

Eg : Corey Haines from Swipe Files has a “Marketing Weekly” brew

I think that it’s a great idea because by allowing users to make their brews public, the Mailbrew team has built virality into their product.

I don’t know if they made a conscious effort to get press coverage, but they have gotten quite a lot of articles written about them (Source


Does having an existing audience helped the Mailbrew founders acquire users ?

Let’s see :

In March 2020, the founders had respectively 1490 followers on Twitter (@frankdilo) & 2312 followers (@linuz90)

One year later, @frankdilo had 3877 followers and @linuz90 had 5457. 

The way I see it, their initial audience probably helped them get their 1rst users, but I don’t think it really was a key growth channel for them…

This seems to be something they have started to try recently… 

Eg : Ad in The Hustle

Onboarding emails

❤ What I like

  • First, as a user, I have to say that the product is great : I have only been using for a month now, and I really like it. I know some people say that good marketing can save a bad product, but I’ve found that having a good product makes marketing 100x easier. 

  • Mailbrew users can make their brews public, which is a great way to build virality into their product…

  • By allowing users to make their brews public, the Mailbrew team has built virality into their product.

  • Instead of launching right away, they chose to :

    • keep the product in private beta and iterate on it based on the first users’ feedback
    • manually onboard their first users (Source)

    Besides, some of those users were quite influential in the tech world, so it gave them a little bit of hype before their launch ! (Cf : DHH’s tweet)